Computer Use Policy

FOIA Policy

Privacy Policy

Records and information covered under the Freedom of Information Act will be released only with proper authorization from the Director. This will not pertain to information given to the public by an employee as a normal part of their duties.  No verification of employment of any employee may be done by anyone outside of the Director’s office and home telephone numbers, addresses, etc. may not be provided to anyone without prior authorization of the employee involved.

Renewal policy

Adult fiction, non-fiction, and childrens books will be loaned out for two weeks or longer upon request of a patron in good standing. They can be renewed once on the phone or in person. New releases cannot be renewed.

Overdues and late fees

A 5¢ per day fine will be issued for each library book that is overdue. Damaged books will be either paid for in the amount of the repair or replacement. If a book is lost, the patron must pay the full cost of replacement.

Lending policies

An application form must be filled out and designate resident or non-resident. Children under 14 years of age must have the signature of a parent or guardian. Library cards must be shown when borrowing library materials. If a patron has an overdue book, no other library materials may be taken out until that book is returned with fines paid.